VoIP Telephony

Whether you're buying your first VoIP telephone system, or looking to upgrade and replace an existing system, we will help guide you along the way.

Businesses continually seek new ways of increasing sales and improving staff efficiency. Your new communications platform must offer more than just a phone to talk on.

Users can connect quickly to each other, whatever their location, through an integrated suite of applications that work seamlessly. We’ll create a system as simple as it is effective, giving users a comfortable and convenient experience and streamlining your business process.

Mitel and SNI Consulting provides users with a range of communications tools to keep people connected and productive - anywhere, anytime, on any device. With increased reachability and added responsiveness, employees can deliver better customer service to clients. SNI Consulting will deliver you a flexible and personalized communications platform that will let you leverage the latest in technology.

Benefits of VoIP Telephony:

  • Reduced costs
  • Increases staff productivity
  • Integrates with a range of applications and devices
  • Enhances customer experience
  • In-house management of systems